2021 Métis Week Flag Raising

2021 Spirit Walk for MMIW

Recent News

Economic Development

  • online business directory of Métis owned and verified businesses

  • Connects Métis businesses with opportunities within their communities across the province

  • Profitable and sustainable financial services for Métis

  • Small business loans, grants, advisory, and support services

  • Apeetogosan relies on the success of its clients, and is here to turn your idea into a successful reality

Recently Métis Nation of Alberta Region 6 has partnered with Métis Nation of Alberta Region 5 to produce a series of videos detailing the events and importance of the Métis Nation of Alberta's cultural camp. Please enjoy these short videos about traditional Métis hunting and fishing, as well as a short message from our president, Carol Ridsdale.

Ruth Kidder Peace River Local President.jpg

Honoring Our Elders

The elders of our communities Help to protect our culture and traditions, They help to raise our children and each them the history of our people. It's important that we remember and honor them whenever we can as a way to show thanks for everything that have done for us over the years. 

Ruth Kidder

Region 6 Elder